Spices & Herbs

The flavor and aroma of each delicacy depends on the quality, freshness and aroma of spices. We source the best quality spices from their origins which are handpicked for their color, texture and taste. We use Low Temperature Grinding (LTG) technology to ensure that the flavor and aroma of spices are not lost during grinding. A+Plus Spices are available in a variety of pack sizes as ordered by our customers, raging from 50gms to 30kg pouch and/or box packing

Spices & Herbs
Red Chilli Chat Masala Jeera Sabut Cumin
Turmeric Powder Chat Masala Kali Mirch Sabut Black Pepper
Coriander Powder Chana Masala Ajwain Sabut Carom Seed
Garam Masala Meat Masala Saunf Sabut Fennel Seed
Kashmiri Mirch Pav Bhaji Masala Dhania Sabut Coriander
Kuti Lal Mirch Special Garam Masala Green Elaichi
Black Salt Sambhar Masala Moti Elaichi Black
Jeera Powder Biryani Masala Methi Seed
Amchoor Powder Kitchen King Red Chili Whole Dundi Cut
Jal Jeera Masala Rajmah Masala Kasuri Methi
Sund Dry Ginger Powder Sabji Masala Dal Chini Cinnamon Powder